Dreams and Dreamers by Sharoz Shaik

Dreams and dreamers by sharoz
Dreams and dreamers by Sharoz shaik

Dreams and Dreamers by Sharoz Shaik: Once a wise man said “Dreams are not those which you see in sleep but those that doesn’t let you sleep. Having a desire is the purpose of life which determines you and makes you understand why you are alive. Having a desire is not enough. It is like having a cool bike, But having a cool bike will never make you cool, You also probably need to have fuel for it to ride and to reach the destination. Life will never teach you and test, It will test you first and then it will teach you the lesson. The only person who understand the lesson will win.

What people do – Dreams and dreamers

The desires will be of many kinds, Your new desire may be to start a business and develop your startup or to  Go on world tour with your loved ones or something else. These are just desires and desires are really important but only having one is not enough. If you have a desire and you wish to fulfill it, No matter how hard it is you will try to reach it.

Why don’t we follow our desires? – Dreams and desires

This world is full of people with different kinds of desires and wishes but, You know it that not everyone is fulfilling their desires. There are studies that prove that Human beings love to escape from difficult tasks not because they don’t like it but because it is our habit to try to escape from our work. You can learn more about this behavior in the video below

Dreams and Dreamers- shaik Sharoz

What do you need to do?- Dreams and dreamers

Not everyone is successful or Rich and not everyone is happy, The reality is that everything that is happening with us directly or indirectly depend upon our actions and thoughts. You can have a choice on every single little detail in your life. You can always take either of the choices but we tend to take the most easiest one always. This is the only reason everyone not being successful or Rich or Happy.

You wakeup daily, You always have the choice to either wakeup or continue to sleep, then you can workout and improve your health or just postpone it. The choice is yours. We tend to lean where the results are super fast. If the results of our actions are long term and time taking, we simply don’t take the action and instead of trying for the result we just search for reasons.

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Dreams and Dreamers by Sharoz Shaik

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