How successful people spend their weekend?

Weekend routine of Highly successful people: We all wait for the week to end and to relax a bit from the hectic life of continuous work through out the week, How do you spend your weekend? Do you want to know how successful people spend their weekend? Then you are at right place.

How successful spend their weekend
How successful people spend their weekend?

The successful people have their weekend very planned and organized unlike most of us who spend their time mostly scrolling down the feed while sleeping and partying with friends, But Billionaires tend to have little different lifestyle, In this article we will share with you How successful spend their weekend and how it helps them fulfill their dreams

Here is How most of the Millionaires spend their weekends

Weekend routine of successful people
Weekend routine of successful people via

And once you understand that habits can change, you have the freedom and the responsibility to remake them.

-Charles Duhigg

1.Disconnect from the Social Media

It is very important for us to detach from the social media at least for one day in a week, Most of the successful people actually stay away from the social media not because they will get addicted if they use but as it consumes a lot of their time. If you want to be successful or at least you wish to use your time wisely then it is very much important that you should stay away from all kinds of platforms that take away your time.

Most of the millionaires including Bill gates , Warren buffet and Elon Musk have admitted that they spend their most of the time reading book and learning new things. So you can also read or at least start the habit of reading from this weekend without scrolling your Mobile phone.

2.Spend time with your Loved ones

After spending most of the time and energy on their work through out the week, Most of the successful people have said that they like to spend their time with their family and loved ones. This helps them to recharge back the much needed energy to get back and work with better efficiency.

While some of the millionaires have said that they like to stay alone and spend their time for themselves as they are surrounded by people all the week. But most of them likes to spend time with their people and give them the much needed space and importance in their life. It also acts as a stress buster, as they relax their mind and body not thinking about the work life and skipping it for a short time.


Exercise should be a regular part of your life but most of the people get very less time to workout on their body. So this is the case why Successful people spend their time taking care of their body. Most of the millionaires have told that they try to workout and exercise at least 3 times a week. Most of the doctors also to exercise 3-4 times a week as the body also needs time to recover it self from tiny muscle tears that occur during the exercise which is recovered during the sleep and with the right diet.

Working out on our body is important doesn’t matter if you are successful or broke. So you should try to follow this habit of exercising 3 times a week not for a bulky muscle body but for a healthy type of life style.


As I said in the above paragraph (1.Disconnect), You should start to read a book, I know many of us have never read a book completely but that should not stop you from developing a new habit. Generally every successful person says he/she reads a book every week, We never know if at all they are reading or just trying to be smart. But there should be some link between being successful and reading books.

Why successful people talks so much about books and their reading habits, If we see from the scientific point of view, Reading helps us to develop our focusing skills which are very important in every aspect of life. So reading helps to develop your focus and this is why you should start reading instead of spending your time scrolling the social media as it distracts you and books don’t distract


People keep asking How successful people spend their weekend? what they don’t understand is, They are successful for a reason. Their success was not a co incident in their life. They worked for it and made it possible, So expecting them to not work during weekends is your mistake.

People like Elon musk(Tesla & SpaceX) and Jeff Bezos (Amazon) work even during the weekend they enjoy doing it. They don’t feel it as a work. It’s their passion and they hardly get tired of doing what they like. They plan for their next week and complete the objectives that they have made by taking the efforts during the week days.

What you can learn from this routine of Highly successful people?

Successful people are not successful because of their routine, but it is because of their mindset, A lion is the king of the jungle but it is not the strongest because elephant is, It is not the fastest because cheetah is the fastest. It is the king of jungle because of it’s mindset that it possess. So you don’t have to be the smartest, strongest or fastest You need to modify your mindset to match your life. And I recommend you to Follow page on Instagram to receive the daily dose of positivity and real knowledge to reprogram your mindset. Following different celebrities doesn’t change your mindset and it actually makes you feel lesser than everybody, So it is your choice to spend you time wisely on social media.

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How successful people spend their weekend?

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