Who stays with us?| Sharoz shaik

Why stays with us? | Sharoz shaik
Why stays with us? | Sharoz shaik

Who stays with you ? People usually look for some perfect people to come into their life. It’s not their fault because everyone thinks they are the most perfect beings on this planet. The thing that hurts me the most is why don’t people accept others as they are? Do someone really need to fit in your shoes to actually be with you? Why can’t you just accept their presence just as they are? 

It’s always good to change someone who is in bad path. But Do you really think if someone disagrees with your argument is always bad?, No.You can be right, You can be wrong, But you can’t decide someone’s way of living on your choice. Only thing I want to convey is people don’t like the people who judge them. This is completely a natural thing in human psychology. We have been evolved to stay around the people who likes us, appreciates us , loves us and get along us.

Why not to judge others?

If  you try to judge everyone’s decision and opinions you are definitely a bad person in their head, Doesn’t matter how good you are in real world. You simply cannot fit in their life. You can’t make someone feel good about you, when you can’t even feel good about them. who stays with us is totally out of context but if we want someone to stay better stop judging.

Think this life as an aquarium, There may be different types of fishes in it. They are stuck in there, may be for a life time and had to be with the same type of fishes around them. They can’t decide to stay with or live alone. Instead they have to accept what ever present in there. 

If people doesn’t accept you , that’s not your mistake. If they used to accept and but they changed , that only means they want some change in you, not because they don’t like your behavior anymore, It is because they are not impressed by it as they used to ! It’s again human nature to always want more out of everything. But demanding it from the one who loves you is definitely not a good move.

 It makes them feel alone! Not because they have changed, but because you demanded it!

– Yours lovingly Sharoz shaik

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Who stays with us?| Sharoz shaik

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